DCU 2023 Road Map

Dear Members.


I hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year. I’d like to start by thanking our regional boards and member club for all their hard work and support over the past year to help the DCU achieve so much, it would not have been possible without all your work.


We should consider our union and everyone united under the game of cricket itself as a global union, and it is our duty to promote cricket around the world and work to make it as competitive a sport as possible. We need more members to become actively involved in the management and development aspects of our union so that we can take one bigger and more complex projects and for the DCU’s authority to be shared equally through the union.

For this 2023 reason, let’s put the following plans into action in the coming year and work towards gaining more resources to develop cricket in Germany.


2023 Schedule Outline

All regional leagues must have finished before 20 August 2023
The DCU League round starts on 27 August 2023 and will end before 17 September 2023

Key Events for 2023

1. Cricket Integration Project

2. Umpire courses

3. School Cricket development.

4. School Cricket workshops

5. German Premiere League 2023

6. Refugee Support Through Cricket project

7. Youth Day

We support our members>
Cricket Equipment (Free league balls).

Free Youth Cricket Equipment and Travel Subsidies

Free Investment for School Cricket

Free Funds for Ground Investment

Free Umpiring and Coaching Courses


As a globally minded union, we must be able to present diversity in all our governing departments as well as our members, appointing suitably qualified people for each position regardless of nationality or ethnicity. Our standing as a respected cricketing organization rests on our ability to ensure that our organization is as diverse as the nation we represent.

General Guidelines

To ensure our committees remain effective working environments, members are expected to abide by the following conditions:
To ensure they always act in good faith towards our community
To treat all our members with the fairness, equality and dignity they deserve
To always behave in a courteous and professional manner
To work in collaboration with other their colleagues across the union

DCU is a global, independent cricket integration union. On the condition that the above points are obeyed, then you too can continue to enjoy playing and developing cricket in Germany with us.

Let’s work together! Stick to our rules and regulations to achieve our goals!